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Amarr was established in 1951 and currently is considered as one of the world’s leading brand name in manufacturing and the distribution of the garage doors for residents, commercial buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, condominiums and for other industrial purposes.

Amarr is a part of the Entrematic, Entrematic is a company that has around two hundred years of experience and has a good reputation for providing satisfying products. Entrematic offers one of the world’s wide-ranging products of entrance automation and warehouse solutions.

Amarr is USA based and the product of the Amarr is more popular for the good design and high quality. It offers a complete package of garage doors that include sectional, rolling steel, and rolling sheet. It can also meet any specific demands of the customer

Services of A1 Garage Door Milwaukee

When it comes to garage door installation service, A1 is known for offering the best service to its customers and provides all the required information about the outdoors, its utilities and why should one choose Amarr garage door over others. All the relevant information about the product, its requirements, qualities, variations will help clients to select the right product that might be the residential and commercial. By simply downloading its vouchers and product details you will be able to get all the required information about the product and also about different types of installments.

We can offer you all the required information and also expedite the process if you want to buy from Amarr.

What Amarr Garage doors offer?

Amarr has a various option of garage doors that include residential and commercial doors and hardware to meet the specific requirements of our clients in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. At A1 we understand the necessities of our clients and offers service accordingly. The experienced team and engineers that we employ are able to use the most developed and advanced technology to prepare your garage doors and they have expertise in installing all kinds of garage doors. They also have a state-of-the-art research and a test facility where all of their garage doors are designed and tested.

Amarr has seventy door centers and three thousand dealers all over the world. All the centers and dealers are dedicated workers and known for offering best and prompt services to the clients. You can consult any of them to get a product that will suit your most. If you have any doubt about your needs then you can consult experts to get their recommendation and that can help you to take a decision.

Products of the Amarr Brand We Carry at A1

Amarr is known for creating high-quality products and designs and some of the details of the products of Amarr are given below.

1 .Carriage court

It comes with an impressive and innovative design with a steel base. It is durable and this garage door is also able to offer energy efficiency and noise reduction. And these two features make it a more popular choice. The carriage court garage doors come with time lifetime warranty.

2. Classica

It gives a different but impressive look. From a distance, it can give an impression of the wood, but while coming close you will find that it is made of steel. The advantage of the clasica door is that it is durable and it demands less maintenance. It is safe to be used and comes with lifetime warranty.

3. Hilcrest

Hilcrest offers hundred designs and that helps you to choose the best one for your purpose. It is made from the steel and that makes it durable. It also does not demand any regular maintenance and offers a good protection. It comes within an affordable price. Hilcrest offers a lifetime warranty.

4. Oak Summit

Oak Summit is available in seventy impressive designs. It is the most affordable garage door of the Amarr and also is built with a safe guard system. Like other Amarr’s collection, it also requires low maintenance. It can be a good choice for those who want good design within an affordable price.

5. Designers Choice

The Amarr Designer’s choice offers good protection with its triple layer construction. This garage door is capable of offering energy efficiency. It is durable and requires low maintenance. The R- Value of this garage door is 13.35 0r 19.40. Designer choice also offers a lifetime warranty.

6. Heritage

This is built in a traditional style with heavy and durable steel base. It is available around one fifty designs. It requires low maintenance and gives a good protection. It can be a good choice for those who want to give a traditional look to their home. It comes with lifetime warranty.

7. Lincoln

Lincoln Garage door is made of steel materials and it is available in one fifty designs. It is durable and also requires low maintenance. It offers classic designs within an affordable price. The R-Value of this product is 9.05 and it offers a lifetime warranty.

8. Stratford

Stratford garage doors are available in one fifty designs. It has a safe guard system. It is made of standard gauge steel and that makes this product durable. Stratford garage door requires low maintenance and it comes with lifetime warranty.

9. Olympus

Amarr Olympus garage doors are known for offering good protection with its triple-layer construction. It is durable and demands low maintenance. The R-value of this garage door is 13.35 or 19.40. It comes with life warranty.

10. By Design

The Amarr’s design collection will allow you to choose a unique design from the most popular ten designs. You can get combined materials and custom hardware on some chosen designs. The R- Value of this product is 9.0 and it comes with one year warranty.

11. Vista

The perfect well designed, sleek, and modern garage doors perfectly reflect the design and clear lines of your interior design. It is available with a variety of glass options and also with different frame colors. You can choose the one according to the color and design of your home. It comes with five years warranty.

12. Coastal

Rust-resistant Coastal doors are available in traditional designs. The R-Value of this product is 8.16. These doors require low maintenance. And these resilient vinyl doors come with one year warranty.

Give us a call today to set up your free in-home assessment and quote. You will find extensive options in the Amarr brand and that will help to choose the one according to the requirements and budget. We also offer many different brands for sale, so no matter what style or look you are going for, we can help you choose the best garage door for your budget.

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